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  Greater London's
    only private aerodrome for general aviation

Damyns Hall Aerodrome is presently closed following the Prime Minister’s statement on Monday 23rd March 2020, we have suspended all our operations to comply with government guidelines.

Damyns Hall Aerodrome was founded in 1969 close to the site of the former RAF Hornchurch. Until 2003 Damyns Hall was home to a mixture of flying activities, including a Micro Light School, the Metropolitan Police Micro Light Club and a group of private light aircraft operators. The Aerodrome first appeared in the CAA list of UK Aerodromes in 1986 and is the only privately owned GA Aerodrome in Greater London.

In 2004, Damyns Hall Aerodrome was acquired by Timothy Lyons and since then a steady program has been undertaken to improve the facilities available to pilots of both fixed wing and rotary aircraft. So far, these include the refurbishment of a first class clubhouse and bringing the Aerodrome up to licensed standards. Although following changes to CAA rules for flight training we no longer maintain a licence.

The Aerodrome is operated by Damyns Hall Aerodrome Limited and is open for day time operations by both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters.

Damyns Hall Aerodrome is an excellent location for many types of aviation with easy access from central London and surrounding areas.

Damyns Hall Aerodrome provides first class facilities for aviators and also provides an ideal backdrop for film locations and large public events.

Please note there is no training unless agreed with the aerodrome manager.


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