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On 16th July 2017 only the main runway, orientation 03/21, will be in use. This is a grass runway approximately 650 meters long.

Air Ground Radio

The aerodrome has an Air Ground Radio Service on "Hornchurch Radio" 119.550. Please broadcast and listen out on this frequency. Visitors without a radio are not permitted on the day.


All traffic should avoid flying over the local conurbations and approach by the clear corridors to the North East and South of the Aerodrome.

Please familiarize yourself with the local restricted airspace: 

  • Damyns Hall Aerodrome is close to London City Airport so you are unable to approach from the west.
  • Please also note the Southend Airport airspace to the east of EGML. The CTR is around Southend airport itself from surface up to 3,500ft, and a larger control area (CTA) from 1,500ft to 3,500ft with its westerly boundary approximately 10 miles to the east of Damyns Hall.
  •  There is a 2,500ft maximum height limit at Damyns Hall as London TMA is overhead the airfield.
  • Please check your current charts for more airspace details.

Joining Instructions

  • No overhead joins on the day.
  • Join downwind on the easterly side of 03/21.
  • Please note revised circuit rules for 03/21 i.e. 03 is a Right Hand Circuit.
  • Please ensure you are aware of the active runway via radio call (Hornchurch Radio 119.55).
  • Landing is at your discretion.

Taxing and Parking on 16th July 2017.

  • Vacate the 03/21 runway on the western side and make a clear “G-XXXX vacated 03 (or 21)” call.
  • Taxi along the western side of 03/21 to the threshold of the cross runway which is approximately half way along the 03/21 main runway (note the cross runway is not in use for landing or takeoff during the day).
  • Taxi to the Westerly end of the cross-runway and park in the area parallel and north of the cross runway as indicted via signs and / or marshals.
  • Do NOT taxi, start your engine or park nose towards the fencing separating the aircraft from the public areas.
  • Please ensure your plane is adequately tied down and/or secured at all times.


  • Please ensure you are aware of the active runway via radio call (Hornchurch Radio 119.55) prior to taxing to the active runway.
  • Taxi from the parking area and enter the western end of the cross-runway (note the cross runway is not in use for landing or takeoff during the day).
  • Taxi to the eastern end of the cross-runway and turn left and taxi along the western side of 03/21 if 21 is the active runway. Turn right and taxi along the western side of 03/21 if 03 is the active runway.
  • Enter the thresholds of 21 or 03 and takeoff at your discretion making clear calls.
  • When leaving on 21 avoid drifting west of the centerline to ensure London City Airport airspace is not breached. 

Specific Issues on the Day 

  • In addition to all the standard airmanship procedures please take into account:-
    • Avoid flying on the western (dead side) of   03/21 at all times.
    • Take specific care and attention due to the potential increase in air traffic on the day.
    • Only park in the designated area for the day as detailed in the taxing and parking instructions.

Noise Abatement

Please read our Noise Abatement page


On approaching Damyns Hall, please report passing abeam Brentwood, when entering by the North East corridor and passing abeam the QE2 Bridge, when entering by the Southern corridor


Visit the National Air Traffic Services web site for notices to airmen. This site will require you to set up a user name and password prior to being able to use it. Damyns Hall information can be located using the following details:- ICAO Code – EGML


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