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Damyns Hall Aerodrome has 2 runways and can accommodate all types of fixed and rotary
winged aircraft.
One main grass runway oriented 03/21 approximately 650 metres long.

Coordinates 51 31 43 N 000 14 44 E  ICAO Code EGML
Runway 21 Left hand circuit.   Runway 03 Right hand circuit
Circuit Height 1000FT. QFE QFE Elevation 56FT ASL


Air Ground Radio

The aerodrome has an Air Ground Radio Service on "Hornchurch Radio" Channel 119.555. Please broadcast and listen out on this frequency.

All traffic should avoid flying over the local conurbations and approach by the clear corridors to the North East and South of the Aerodrome. Be aware that Damyns Hall Arodrome is close to London City Airport so you are unable to approach from the west. There is a 2,500ft limit as London TMA is overhead. Please check your charts for airspace.

Joining Instructions
Join overhead at 1,400ft (QNH) to avoid entering the airspace of London City Airport. Please note revised circuit rules for 03/21

Noise Abatement
Please read our Noise Abatement page

On approaching Damyns Hall, please report passing abeam Brentwood, when entering by the North East corridor and passing abeam the QE2 Bridge, when entering by the Southern corridor    

Visit the
National Air Traffic Services web site for notices to airmen. This site will require you to set up a user name and password prior to being able to use it. Damyns Hall information can be located using the following details:- ICAO Code – EGML

Aircraft arriving from outside the United Kingdom
Please ensure you follow the correct procedures regarding the submission a GAR form prior to arrival. Full information can be found at:


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To establish PPR please call 07496 539 206 prior to departure. If you wish to establish a PPR via e-mail, please complete the form below and submit.

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