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  Noise Abatement
    please comply with procedures

Damyns Hall requires that all pilots using the aerodrome adhere strictly to our code of practice with regards to noise abatement procedures: 

  • No no aerobatics to be flown except with the permission of the Aerodrome Manager

  • No recreational, or training circuits may be flown, unless prior permission is obtained from the Aerodrome Manager

  • No Aircraft should over fly any of the surrounding built up areas of Rainham, Hornchurch, Upminster and Aveley

  • Pilots approaching or leaving the Aerodrome, should only do so by the corridors to the North East and to the South of the Aerodrome

  • All pilots should avoid over flying the cottages at the North East end of the Aerodrome and the Bungalow to the South West of the Aerodrome

  • Unless otherwise permitted by the Aerodrome operator, circuits for all fixed wing aircraft must be flown at 1,000ft. and follow the convention of 03R, 21L, 14R and 32L (see the revised circuit rules for 03/21

  • Run-up checks on fixed wing aircraft should only be completed at the Hold for 21L

  • Helicopters should observe the following procedure:

    Noise Abatement Map


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